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and other human factors

In a city where bodies gain autonomy through their connection to their cars, we present a series of works that examine how we project identity, thoughts, and emotions through moving vehicles.

Videography by Justin Richards and Lawrence Dion
Video edit by Tuang T

February 23, 2019, 6-10PM

A one night art experience that explores the collective mythology and culture of driving in LA.  Autobodies draws meaning out of the faceless dance of a merge in rush hour, the muted violence of swiping a parking spot, and the meditation of a long road trip.   

Autobodies features works by Miller Klitsner, Theo Triantafyllidis, Keith Allyn Spencer. , Isla Hansen, Tucker Marder, Jonathan Fletcher Moore, Kristin McWharter, Jack Turpin, Eric Fanghanel, Tuang T and Joaquin Barlow.

Collectively their work has been written about by Artillery, Neural.It and Artforum magazines; exhibited at Prix Ars Electronica, The Venice Bienalle, Walt-Disney Concert Hall, The Hammer Museum, Galeria De Arte Mexicano, Columbus Museum of Art, MoCA Cleveland, 2017 Athens Biennale, NWRW Forum in Dusseldorf, Sargent’s Daughters, and Young Projects. They are recipients of generous support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, The Studio for Creative Inquiry and the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape award.

 Photography by Chandler Abbey

Photography by Chandler Abbey


Open Plan Collective 2019 — Los Angeles, CA.